What Crystals Are Good For Children?

  I get asked a lot what crystals are good for kids as a Reiki Practioner by a lot of my customers. There are a few I would recommend for children because of the subtle energy needs of a child. In my experience a child’s energy is soft and gentle and the energy of the crystal that they have should match. In this short article I will cover a few crystals I think are great to start your little Indigo Child off with.  

Rose Quartz is a wonderful crystal for a child. Rose quartz has a soft loving energy which flows wonderfully with a child’s soft energy. Not only does rose quartz have the gentle, comforting energy but this crystal helps with bad dreams. I know as a child I had so many night terrors this crystal helps a child’s bad dreams turn into good dreams and protects them from the negative energy. This is a crystal of releasing trauma, over whelming love, soft protection and healing. Place a piece by the night stand or under the mattress to help aid with good dreams and gentle protection. 

Amethyst is another great gem for children. Amethyst is a gemstone of peace and tranquility and has perfect energy for kids. This gems energy is said to help with mental clarity and sooths an overactive mind. Also Amethyst is really great for adults to. Another benefit of amethyst is it helps with sleep when placed beside ones bed and also protects from nightmares.    

Selenite is one most pure gemstone with soothing energy and purification. Selenite is known to tranquil gem known to bring deep calming energy to an individual. This beautiful crystal is known to help rebalance ones energy and is known in nurturing a child threw their daily activities. Also if placed in the room with a child is known to bring positive energy in any room its in and filter energy so it stays free, clear and positive for our children. 

 Sodalite is another gemstone I recommend for kids. Sodalite opens the mind and improves and stimulates mental clarity. This gem also gives strength and courage to kids in their daily activities. Sodalite a blocks electromagnetic smog from electronic devices which now our kids are exposed to all the time. This gem is excellent for helping with self-esteem and self-acceptance. ** Fabulous study gemstone to by the way! **   

Danburite is another fabulous gemstone for our kids to. This is another great tranquility gem for kids. Danburite is a gem full of love connecting us to our Guardian Angels. Danburite balances the heart and helps with soothing emotions and anxieties. This beautiful gemstone can calm the roughest situations.    

Gold Stone is another recommended gemstone for kids. This Gemstone is absolutely captivating with all its glittery sparkles which kids just love! Even though this gem is manmade it still carries positive energy. This gemstone is known for its calming affects being the glittery light that lights the way through the darkness. It brings harmony and protection to its carrier. Goldstone also brings creativity and inspiration to it keeper inspiring the dreams of our children for the future. 

 These are the few crystals I recommend because they all have soft energy and not over powering our kids while helping them on their life journey.   

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