What Crystals keep us grounded and safe?

   I have a lot of customers ask me what crystals would be needed to keep the negative energy away from them. As a Psychic Medium and Reiki Master I love this question! There is nothing more important than keeping the right crystals in your home and on you to help deflect unwanted energies. I am very sensitive myself to energy and negative entities. As so many individuals are Empaths out in our world today. Empaths are very sensitive to energy sometimes even picking up on others energy experiencing depression or anger for no reason. As a Medium/ Reiki Master know that I am here for you and care a lot for my Sensitive Empaths. In the following discussion I will recommend so great crystals to assist with your energy needs.   

   One crystal I recommend for everyone is Black Tourmaline. Tourmaline is a very wonderful protection crystal. Tourmaline deflects unwanted energy and blocks psychic attack. Tourmaline aids in the removal of unwanted energies in a person’s home. Tourmaline is also a cleansing and purification stone that clears dense energy and lets in the lighter vibrations around you. This beautiful stone is also very grounding which mean its helps you feel harmony and balance. Personally I love black Tourmaline it has be very helpful to me in the past before I started my journey with crystals and mediumship development. 

   Black Kyanite is an awesome crystal to. Kyanite protects against energy vampires both living and spirit. This gemstone helps you replenish your energy if you’re feeling drained from being around negativity and unwanted enities that may be draining your Aura’s energy. This is one epic gemstone that can be used to cut unwanted cords from any negative attachments. You cannot go wrong with this crystal as a Reiki Master I use this gemstones in my sessions when I find cords on my customers that are draining their energy. I have a kyanite wand that cuts through these harmful attachments to leave my customers feeling better as they leave my shop. 

   Labradorite is one of the oldest gemstones of Shamans and Healers. This beautiful gemstone with its reflective colors protects and strengthens your energy/ aura. Labradorite protects against negativity and helps deflects misfortunes that can happen in one’s life. If there are issues within your energy field Labradorite is the gemstone that can help your Aura rebuild and repair itself. This is a great gem for any Empath or Medium. 

   Smokey Quartz is known as the Stone of Power. This phenomenal crystal has the power to protect and ground one physically and spiritually. This crystal can absorb amounts of unwanted energy and must be cleansed regularly. Smokey Quartz provides shielding from psychic attack, emotional and environmental stress. This is another fabulous crystal to add to your crystal collection. 

   Black Obsidian is an excellent cleanser of psychic smog created within ones aura and is a strong psychic protection stone. Since Obsidian has this ability to cleanse ones aura it’s great to carry to shield yourself. This stone is excellent to break ties with negative attachments with people whom you have been close to and aids in giving you back harmony in your life. Obsidian is also fantastic for your day to day life for helping you to release resentment of others, fear and anger. Obsidian is one of the gemstones like Smokey Quartz that can hold a lot of negative energy and has to be cleansed regularly.  

   Selenite is one of my all time favorite gemstones! I love Selenite because of its vibrant and soothing energy. This gemstone promotes purity and honesty. Selenite is used by healers to unblock the Chakra systems of the body and realign them. This gem is fabulous to have during your meditation or place in your house to keep positive energy flowing in your home or space. Selenite is also another gemstone that protects you from energy vampires because of its powerful cleansing capabilities. This is a gemstone I regularly use as a Reiki Master at the end of each session with my customers.  I sweep through their energy field to completely clear their energy and make sure their energy is bright and vibrant before they leave my shop.  

   With these crystals I have recommended you should feel much better on an enteric and emotional level. The crystals I have covered are frequently used by me to help me daily and to keep my home safe. With these crystals combined with the understanding of how energy works around us will greatly benefit any sensitive empathy or being medium.     

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