How do I know what crystals to use?

    A lot of people ask me about what crystals they should use for certain situations or to assist with the body’s balance. Honestly, it depends a lot on the person and what feels right with your body’s own energy. In this short blog I will cover a few points on how to be able to feel what crystal is right and share my experiences with you. 

    In my previous paragraph I mentioned that finding that right depends on your own energy. Everyone’s energy vibrates differently just as we are each a unique individual and beautifully unique. Some of my customers have bought crystals that just vibrate to high for their energy. They either inform me that the crystal makes them feel lightheaded, gives them headaches or they just don’t like how it makes them feel. I understand this because I experienced this with Moldavite. Every time I went to my local crystal shop and tried to handle the Moldavite it gave me a headache. When I was ready I was able to handle Moldavite 3 months later when my energy was ready.    

    Sometimes we might not be able to relate to a certain crystals or that crystal may need to be cleansed before it’s properly ready for us to handle. If you cleanse the crystal and you still can’t relate to it then this may not be the best fit for you. It’s ok if this happens as for me I don’t really relate to well with Clear Quartz. As a Psychic Medium, Quartz can be overwhelming because of its ability to amplify energy. My Third Eye Chakra cannot take this amplified energy and I have to regularly cleanse my Quartz Crystals because of this. 

     If you’re using crystal energy to achieve a goal or assist with healing make sure to do your research. A fabulous book I came across in my earlier days of my journey was “The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. This book I recommend for individuals first beginning the understanding of crystals. This book has wonderful illustrations and has great explanations of what crystals are best for each situation you need them for.  

    In conclusion this post should help you on your search. Don’t be discouraged if you pick up that certain crystal and it just doesn’t feel right. I would recommend going to for your first experience and touch the crystals. Go around the shop an feel them in your hand. See how it makes you feel by quieting your mind and feeling with heart. This help you connect with the right crystal.         

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