What Are The Chakras?

This blog post today on Angeliclightwraps will be on Chakra’s. A lot of people don’t know about our body’s delicate energy vortexes. I usually get a confused look when I speak of them. There are several basic chakras that keep the body balanced and we will be discussing them and how they can affect our health.  

The body has 7 main energy vortexes that are said to keep our body energy in proper balance daily. The Chakra’s are also said to affect different organs of the body and are responsible for the balanced distribution of Chi (Universal or life energy). It is said that if these energy systems are off an individual can suffer from health and mental issues. 

 For example with my experience this is true only because of my experiences. I am trained to be able to feel when these energy systems are unbalanced. Sometimes one main area of my body will ache. For instance, I lost a lot of family with in a 3 month period of time. Suddenly when I neglected my chakra balance (Completely my fault and I admit it’s not easy dealing with so many emotions at once for anyone) my Heart Chakra that deals with love and balance started to make me very uncomfortable. I had to stop everything just to do self healing to help my heart recover with so much loss. After my Reiki session the discomfort left. This is just my example of what happened to me. The Chakra’s are essentially the ecosystem of the body and when one or more are off it can wreak havoc bodies as it did with my heart. 

 The Chakra’s are circular sometimes represented as a flower shape. These are little balls of energy spinning like blades of a fan. There are 7 different colors also associated with the chakras. The colors are as follows Red is Root Chakra, Orange is Sacral Chakra, Yellow is Solar Plexus Chakra, Green or Pink is the Heart Chakra, Blue is the Throat Chakra, Purple is the Third Eye Chakra and White or Clear is the Crown Chakra. In some charts these colors differ but I go by what I have been taught and can see. Our influence of the body’s energy, the life force that flows through us links us to the power of quantum healing; eventually scientific capabilities will catch up this. Until then we have to rely on our experience and teaching of others.  

When these different systems are off it can affect our energy by feeling drained, affecting decision-making, make us over emotional and can cause diseases within our body. The Chakra’s can be underactive or over active just depends on what our energy is doing at the time and what we are going through in our lives.  If you feel your system is unbalanced I recommend finding a good Reiki Master that knows what to do about rebalancing your Chakra’s. You can always learn how to do this from a qualified Reiki Master like myself and others out there.  

In conclusion it is always best to take good care of ourselves and keep our bodies in good condition. Keeping your bodies system balanced daily is important to our wellbeing. Staying in health and working with your doctors and being balanced on a soul level is necessary for our happiness and health.    

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