How to Program Your Crystals

  Hello everyone in this informational blog I will be sharing my knowledge of how to program your crystals. Programming your crystals is important because you want them to help guide you and assist you with attaining your goals. Sometimes we program our crystal beauties to assist with love, money, protection or guidance during hard times. Programming is very easy and I will walk you through in a few easy steps.  

First make sure your crystal is cleansed before you start programming your intentions. If you need to know how to cleanse your crystal; look back into my informational blog at Angeliclightwraps. This will help you know how to cleanse your crystal before we go any further. Make sure you are in a nice quiet calm place before you start placing your intentions into your crystals. 

 Now that you’re ready to program your new crystal; take your cleansed crystal in your hand and hold it with care and love. While holding your crystal ask if it can help you in whatever area of your life you need assistance with. State your intentions clearly and precise. Make sure you give a deadline to your intention. 

While you’re holding your crystal close your eyes and imagine a beautiful white light of the Universe surrounding your crystal. Show your crystal visually how you want your intentions to happen. Focus on this white light and feel it fade into your crystal. Feel the bond between you and your crystal take 3 deep long breaths and just feel the positive energy of you crystal companion. Now open your eyes.  Your crystal companion is programmed and ready to be used. You can place them in your pocket or in a satin bag to be carried with you. You can also place them on your desk where you work or under your pillow at night. (I like to place mine under my mattress). Remember to cleanse your crystals regularly to keep their energy properly flowing to assist you with what you need them to do.    

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