Here We Go!!!!

Hello there!

Hello there! 

My names Charlene and this is short background on me. I had to come home a few years ago to take care of my eldery mother. Due to her health issues I had to choose her or work. I choose my mother and I'm so lucky to have a spouse that stands with me to support me. I wanted to work and giving up my job was hard for me. I wanted to work for myself and embraced my artistic abilities. While on my journey in life I began to have issues with my health which paved the way to understanding Reiki. I really felt a calling to crystal jewelry and I began to use my Reiki abilities to share my positivity and light with others that come to AngelicLightWraps.  I love working making beautiful jewelry and sculptures for my customers. I hold my customers dear to my heart and I am very blessed to have you come to my shop for jewelry or anything eles you need! My journey contiues with all of you by my side!


Charlene Bequette

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