I Am.....

My journey as a Energy Therapist / Medium has been very interresting. I was born into the gift hence my father passed on his ability to me. I never understood it growing up it was scary. I could see things, hear voices see future situations. I shut out my abilities when I was in my teens only latter to come back to them to help myself and others.

 When the times right I believe we all reach out to the universe for understanding. This can be for any reason maybe just to understand, loss of a loved one or guidence. We are all different and have our own approach to understanding life. We are each an individual out in the sea of the Universe of others seeking different answers :) One phrase I love to use hence the tile of this article is "I Am"  I love that phrase because we are who we are and you are who you are a beautiful being bestowed upon this earth. Shine your light bright and enjoy your life :) Know that AngelicLightWraps is here for you on your journey because I care and hold all of you close to my heart. 



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