My Journey with Reiki


 These last few years I was having alot of issues with my health. I'm a person that just does not like pills or doctors :) But I still deeply value my doctor’s advice. I took one step back and looked deep into what is going wrong. I was only 37 and all these issues with blood pressure, vertigo , tendinitis and other issues with my legs prevented me from walking  at an alarming rate! My conscious self was telling me no way this is not right. The pills that I was given for these medical issues were doing more harm than good. I needed answers and something besides pills to help my body.  I came across Reiki Therapy by accident and started my research. Research was one of my best qualities since having an education as a paralegal. I began the exploration of understanding the different Chakra systems and what crystals activated and restored the body’s spiritual wellbeing. I laughed it off to be honest with you at first. I forced myself to keep an open mind because I was desperate to get back to myself again. I followed through and was so amazed by the outcome I continued my master certification in Reiki Therapy. I can now walk again, my blood pressure is under control and the vertigo is gone. Hence my journey as a Reiki Master to help others learn about Reiki recieve its healing benifits and inspire others on their journey. Love and Light to all  Charlene   

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