Welcome to to Angelic Light Wraps lets raise your Vibrations! ❤

Imagine a world where we can feel at our best were stressors in our surroundings just bounce off of us. We can meditate better, feel energized both mentally and physically, and just feel better overall in our daily routines while being connected to nature! I’m here to help lift your vibrations with positive energy and the best quality crystals and gemstone jewelry. My name is Charlene Bequette, Certified Reiki Master, Crystal Therapy Master, Shaman, artist, wife and creator of “Angelic Light Wraps”.
Sometimes we need a quick way to shield ourselves and heal our stressed soul and relieve tension and reduce our stress levels during hard days. Make crystals a part of your life; turn on your positive vibrations to feel your best with our specialty charged, cleansed and blessed crystals.
Put on our positive charged crystals and gemstone jewelry and feel the stress and negativity leave you. Let our crystal jewelry bring you more peaceful vibrations leaving you refreshed and ready for anything.
Tackle your day and take a deep breath; knowing that your crystal jewelry is there protecting your positive vibrations surrounding you. Connect to a whole new level of positivity to help lift you higher while connecting you to a deep peaceful feeling. Take on that job interview, make that change to feel better and handle that stressful situation life throws at you!
My beautiful handpicked crystals and gemstones have helped my customers raise their vibrations and feel better from daily life stressors. I started my journey with crystals years ago when I fell ill and got better with energy therapy and crystals. I started my shop wanting to help others like myself with crystals and positive vibrations all around the world to find peacefulness and harmony.
I hope my products will help you feel your best, find peace, and harmony that we all need in our daily lives!
With Lots of Love,
Charlene B.
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